Research Projects

SpecEES: Collaborative Research: Study of the Tradeoff between Spectrum Allocation Efficiency and Operation Privacy in Dynamic Spectrum Access Systems (by National Science Foundation)
NeTS: Coexistence of Heterogeneous Wireless Access Technologies in the 5 GHz Bands (by National Science Foundation).
Moving Target Defense in Military Organization with Connected Dominating Set as Command Units (by Army Research Office).
Cyber Forensics Toolkit for Machinery Control (by Office of Naval Research).

Professional Projects:

Merchant Payment Service Provider System

This system is developed to give merchants a standard, easy and secured api/platform for online payment. There are integration of various bank’s online payment gateway. User can choose any option given for payment.
Employer : Aamra Networks Ltd.

Ticket Management System (Project Link)

It is customer support management system. Tickets are created for Customers’ issues. Each ticket is assigned to one or multiple customer manager. A ticket keeps log of the tasks done by the support team. When the issue is solved the ticket is closed.
Employer : Aamra Networks Ltd.

Bangladesh Denim Expo

This system is to provide online storage to customer. This application is similar to Google Drive, Dropbox etc. User of Robi Axiata Limited can only register in this system and their allocated storage is according to their loyalty level. Registration and password recovery are two factor authenticated via SMS. This is a customized version of OwnCloud. In addition, a separate user management module is added to manipulate users’ registration, validity period, and APIs for mobile client.
Employer : Individual contract

Cloud Storage System

This system is developed for ease of access of an Exhibition. This app guides visitors and exhibitor. It shows the visitor/exhibitor list. People aiming to visit the exhibition can register by the app. There is a barcode option that can identify a visitor/exhibitor with details. This app also gives direction to the exhibition place. There is a web control panel for admin. Admin can change the data shown in app.
Employer : Aamra Networks Ltd.

Loyalty Payment System

This system is developed to give customers loyalty based on their purchase amount. Each customer is provided a loyalty card. The card is readable by pos machine. Some identification are written in magnetic stripes in the card. After purchase the card is swiped in pos and purchased amount is given. This process adds some points to the customer. Points can be redeemed to buy from the shop. The web controls the pos and cards and generates reports and some administrative features.
Employer : Aamra Networks Ltd.

Graduate Projects

  • Malicious Program Detection in Arduino
  • Air Quality Monitor.

Undergraduate Projects:

  • Simple Fortran Compiler,
  • Read Write Join implementation in NACHOS (Java)
  • 4-bit Computer Design
  • P2P lan messenger with voice call
  • Track Following Robot